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ImageArchive (IA) Remittance was designed specifically to meet remittance (stub) and check processing standards. IA Remittance provides easy-to-use, automated services for scanning, recognition, endorsing, data/image extraction, archiving and retrieving. The increased speed, efficiency and accuracy provided by IA Remittance translate into time and cost savings, improved customer service, and increased user-satisfaction. IA Check Exchange adds image quality analysis, suspect review and then packages checks into an X9.37 file (Check21) for transmission to partner financial institution, payment processor or the FED.

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Benefits of IA Remittance include:

  • Easy to Implement
  • Operational Ease of Use
  • Streamline Process
  • Improved Productivity
  • Superior Recognition Technologies
  • Seamless Legacy System Uploads
  • Electronic (Check21) Bank Deposits
  • Scalable
  • Excellent ROI

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  • Batch types can be set up for items that include pairs of remittances and checks, multiple remittances and/or checks, single checks, or post-dated items.
  • IA Remittance Process Control window graphically displays the status of batches in progress. All stages of the application - scanning, OCR recognition, Edit/Verifying, Batch Listing and MICR/OCR file Exportation - are initiated and monitored from the Process Control window.
  • The Scan module utilizes qualified Image/MICR Scanner for checks and remittances. The scanner captures the front and back images and MICR line data. Images are output to TIFF format, in 100 or 200 dpi, black & white or JPEG gray scale format. Back image capture can be disabled if not required.
  • Qualified Scanners from Digital Check or Canon provide high-speed scanning with MICR codeline reading and endorsing in a single pass. Remittances and checks are then automatically sorted into separate pockets of the scanner.
  • Once a batch is scanned, a background OCR and/or Barcode Recognition process is performed on the remittance image document and the results are stored. An optional check digit routine can also be performed to verify the validity of the captured information.
  • CAR/LAR (Courtesy/Legal Amount Recognition) and other zonal recognition is enabled achieving 60-80% read rates.
    IQA/IUA (Image Quality & Usability Analysis) is also performed on all checks to ensure acceptance with electronic exchange standards.
  • An edit/verify stage allows the user to visually verify the image quality of the scanned items and to manually key enter information not captured by MICR, OCR lines or Barcode. Zooming and image rotation allow for full viewing of information on the back and front of items.
  • Optionally Batch Listings can be printed that list all items and a total for each batch. Summary of all batches can also be created. Extract files are created with check and remittance information, which can be exported to other applications.
  • Checks can be transmitted electronically via Check21 interface.
Archive & Retrieval
  • Archived information is indexed by the data captured from the MICR, OCR lines, and Barcodes as well as any additional information added during edit/verification. Items are instantly retrievable using any or all of these fields. A Retrieved Item Report can be printed or faxed, and includes images of the front and/or back of the retrieved remittance and check, as well as indexing information and retrieval date. Optional information can also be added to the report, including institution name and address, contact name, and logo.
  • IA Remittance interface to CD/DVD Archive and Retrieval allows easy creation of CDs or DVDs.
  • Batch Item Listings, showing all items and totals per batch.
  • Batch Summary Reports, showing total item count and dollar value for batches per type, with daily grand total.
  • Log file for statistical purposes.
  • CD/DVD Creation History Report, listing the contents and dates of all CD/DVD’s created.
  • Retrieval Reports, which include check and remittance images, index field data, and institution information.
  • Deleted Items Report, which shows check and remittance images for items that have been deleted from a batch.

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