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IA REMITTANCEStub / Check / ChequeEasy-to-use, automated desktop software for scanning, recognition, data/image extraction, archiving and retrieving. Our remittance software provides the most efficient way to process paper-based financial transactions.
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IA CHECK Check / Cheque  In-house and hosted solutions to meet the needs of every financial institution and business. Our check/cheque solutions provide the most comprehensive cheque/check imaging products and services for the 21st century. See Details >
IA EXCHANGE Check21 (USA) / Image Cash Letter (Canada) US (Check21) & Canadian (Image Cash Letter) X9 file compliant for electronic deposit of check/cheque images and data. A fully automated software service that can be programmed to make one or multiple deposits daily. See Details >
CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT Customized Imaging Solutions Contact Innovations team of developers have designed, developed and implemented some of today’s leading custom image-based applications to meet the needs of financial institutions, non-profits and businesses. See Details >